"Aromas" is strength, love, passion, a story made into a song. A  way along the Latin-American song with its range of colors, flavors, landscapes and nuances . "Aromas" is a dream

Sandra Peralta is a young interpreter of the Peruvian coast music.
She was born in Piura, a province of the northern Pacific coast of Peru. She has been living in Argentina for more than 18 years.
Her vital and touching voice invites you to a journey to her homeland and many other places of Latin America.
She has assumed the task of introducing new contemporary peruvian composers who are not often heard in the mainstream media.
She has performed in many of the most important stages in Argentina, México and Brazil introducing her first album "Desde Aquí", singing both Argentinean and Peruvian music.

She has played with acknowledged musicians such as the guitarist, arranger and composer Osvaldo Burucuá.
She studied the career of professional singer specialized in Argentine Folk music at the Avellaneda Popular Music School
She has also studied with many singing teachers specializing in the Voice Functional Method by Eugene Rabine
She is also a singing teacher at the SADEM Popular Music School

In 2007 Leandro Cacioni (Guitar), Claudio Solino (bass), Carolina Cohen (percussion) and Sandra Peralta gathered together to form a new group with which she shares the passion for Latin-American music.  They have been able to incorporate some jazz and bossa nova music influence into their music, now embodied in "Aromas”. In this new album she is introducing some of her own poems and Latin American rhythms.